L’Aubaine – Visuals

L’Aubaine (loriben)
I like to explore non-linear narration in real time.
My  visuals are evolving compositions, audio-reactive, created live and flowing with the crowd and the music.
All elements are self-produced, mixing different techniques, as hand-drawn animations, vectorial and drawing, typography, photography and videos.
My creations vary from abstract, graphical, bright coloured, hand-drawn animations to Live Cinema. The narrative pieces expresses a deeper side of my concerns as immigration, urbanisation, politics, psychology, and emotions using a visual language made of text, videos, graphics looped and layered.

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Latest Collaboration:

dIARMO + L’Aubaine

dIARMO + L’Aubaine is the live Audio/Visual collaboration project with Diarmuid Slattery. The performance consists of dIARMO playing his own electronic productions live, using Ableton live and various midi controlling hardware’s and effects, while I am controlling my self produced visuals (Animation, Photography, Hand Drawings, Videos) loaded into modul8 with added effects, all controlled via midi controllers, played in sequence to dIARMO‘s live electronic music.

We have also collaborated on projects together in the past year, 2011. I produced music video’s for dIARMO Sompting taken from the album i am a visitor here, Tuch on compilation album Help Japan by Steve Paul & Friends , Suitable for… on the ep Amber, as well as  art covers work, Fallen Sun ep  on elpaMusic, Amber on Basilar Records and also designing the logo for Basilar Records.

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Previous collaborations

From 2008 to  2010, I collaborated on with musicians with three musicians/producers: E MC2, Fernando Lagreca, Manintheattic, all based in Barcelona, on different projects of live video narration, visuals and music videos.
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Deconstruction is a live audio/visual set performed with Fernando Lagreca.
Live video narration telling the story about a girl who learns that her house is going to be pulled down. It’s a trip into an urban nightmare.
The music by Fernando Lagreca is live techno/minimal made only with hardware instruments.


En Movimiento

En Movimiento (in Movement) is a live video narration performed live with manintheattic playing dubby music.
The video talks about immigration and emotions, it’s based on an interview done to 20 persons from different origins living in Barcelona. The video is set up in the metro of Barcelona which is use as a metaphor of displacement and its inner repercussion. The dimension of movement is reinforced by the music, an electronic dub, deep and captivating.



Within the collaboration with E MC2 (Eli McCarthy),  I did the visuals for live performances, each songs add his specific sets of video and produced music videos for Listen, Can I call you, Cavaman, Him to the Silence.