RTS – Swiss Radio Television 2013/14

Multimedia designer, working on the website of the Swiss Radio Television.
Designing responsive layouts of social pages for events and TV shows: Game Switerland-France – World Cup 2014, Eurosong et Un Air de Famille.
Creating backgrounds and landing pages for TV shows, adding new features throughout the website. Designing banners, Infographics and other digital assets. Creating an animated maps in after effects and video editing. Updates and improvement on the website.

Part of the team for the Continuous Improvement and Updates in the New Media department which is organized under Agile management.
Nov 2013 – July 2014



RTS_football_iphone_ipad RTS_eurosong_devices 3.0_menu_compact_responsive_iphone_ipad






Transsiberian animated map
Map hand-drawn, completed in Illustrator and animated in After Effects.
Animated maps integrated in a scroll, used to illustrate the trip of a team of sound artist, poet and journalist on their Transsiberian journey.

[jwplayer mediaid=”938″] Transsiberien – parcours complet





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