Logo design for mindfulness workshop

The making off of the logo for the mindfulness workshop
“Un colibri dans le charivari de la vie”.
Going through all the different stages and creative process of designing the logo. Not all the sketches and versions are shown here…

1.Defining concept and looking for online inspiration

making off of a colibri logo

2. First sketches, tracing and digitally drawing

3. Adding the text and trying different fonts, layout and flotus flower options.

4. Not to happy with the way the colibri looks.
Working on the sketches by tracing and modifying by hand-drawing, and also drawing directly the lotus flower.
Once I was happy, I scanned the drawings.

5. Adding colours, with hand-painted background

6.Final version, with and without the name.

Logo Colbri

Once the logo was done, I’ve designed and prepared for printing business cards and a leaflet presenting the workshop.

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