Creation of online/offline campaigns focused on specific product, branding, affiliate  or marketing. Creatives made in flash, animated gif or static. Designing daily creatives (banners, digital assets) for the website, newsletter (lastminute and Travelprice). Outsourcing images in photo stocks. Designing press kits, merchandising and adverts for print. Doing the banners administration in the website.

Web designer – Team leader of the design team.
Supervising and training a junior web designer; liasing with other departments and external clients.
The Design team was part of the Marketing team leaded by a Marketing manager.
Barcelona, Spain 2008 – 2010

Selected Flash Banners

Selection of 5 banners playing one after the other.

Click here to see a selection of banners in your browser.

[jwplayer mediaid=”1485″]

Banners design and digital assets for website and exernal

lastminute_diash_advert sky_sample sky_sample_02

banner_sample    mpu-sample_02 mpu_sample


Flash banners


Email design,  buiding and updating in HTML

Newspaper_Que_SemanaSanta lmn_ponteguapa_pepino_newsletter lmn_diasH_newsletter

Design of printed adverts

Advert published in Qué – 17.02 2010lmn_24h_newspaperAdvert published 20 Minutes – 18.02.2009

lastminute_diashAdvert published in Qué – 17.02 2010


 Design of landing page for competitionlastminute_souvenirhorroroso_landingPage lastminute_souvenirhorroroso_banner  Website updates, images, copy, links



Design of the Press Kit, print and digital



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